2019 Humble Arts Foundation "Love Actually" - Online

2018 Light Leaked "Flawed Beings" - Online

2018 Light Leaked "Shift" - Online

2018 Ringling College Thesis Showcase - Bayou Studios

2017 Emerging Image - Cooley Photography Center

2017 Best of Ringling - Diane Roskamp Exhibition Hall

2016 F / W 16 - Diane Roskamp Exhibition Hall

2016 Constructed Reality - Cooley Photography Center

2016 Best of Ringling - Diane Roskamp Exhibition Hall

2015 Best of Ringling - Diane Roskamp Exhibition Hall

Frances Bukovsky

Frances Bukovsky works across media types to create conversations about chronic and mental illness, family, and artistic processes. She was born in Upstate New York and moved to Florida to attend Ringling College of Art and Design where she graduated in 2018 earning a BFA with Honors in Photography and Imaging.


Bukovsky became interested in chronic illness and family relationships in 2015. By 2016 she began photographing her immediate family and their response to life with ongoing disease. This became a thesis named A Family of Complicated Bodies which included both a gallery show as well as a self published book. 

Around this time Bukovsky also began working as a freelance graphic artist and video editor and continues to work with musicians, corporations, and individuals to create a wide variety of visuals.

In 2019, Bukovsky began a new project titled Where the Red Flowers Bloom which shows intimate details of life with gynecological disease, from treatment to psychological impact and the effect on her sense of gender. She was interviewed in 2020 by Catalyst Interviews about this project. Other publications of pieces from this project include Soft Lightning Vol. 1 and Map to the Darkside.

During this time, Bukovsky's interest in design and photography combined to create a self published zine named wip.23 filled with abstract landscapes and moments of everyday life set against minimalist text. 

Bukovsky continues to work in multiple media types to spark conversations and motivate awareness for health based issues. 

Selected Press, Clients, and Publications

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