Vessel - Beet Anthotype + Youtube!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I haven't made videos in over a year, mostly because the process of making them felt less than enjoyable in my physical state and the equipment I had access to. I also didn't know what I would put into a filmed video. Most people who know me know that I hate talking in front of the camera to myself, it just doesn't feel good to me. Ironically I love watching other people talk to the camera and listening to them tell their stories.

To solve this problem of wanting to share my photographic process without explaining it to a camera, I came up with this very relaxed, no narration, "create-with-me" style video. It certainly is not unique to me, there are hundreds of timelapse / vlog videos of people cleaning, drawing, painting, and making things on Youtube.

This image is an exploration of anthotypes, a very fun, incredibly easy alternative process that I've really grown to like in relation to my current project, Vessel, which talks about my experience post hysterectomy and reclaiming my own space in my body. I used beet juice in this process which yielded really beautiful results. I'll definitely be making more prints from this process very soon! Anthotypes cannot be fixed permanently, but I really enjoy that symbolism as it applies to my own work.

In using beets as an image making process, I started really thinking about some of the ideas in this book that I'm creating. Health affects a large part of my day to day. I have a fairly restricted diet due to allergies and sensitivities (that seems to grow by the month, I learned I'm allergic to all but one variety of tomato seeds over the past few weeks) so plants make up the bulk of what I am able to eat without triggering symptoms. I used to bleed constantly before surgery, and having to track it to share with my doctor, I know I bled for the equivalence of 7 months last year. Making this anthotype of my abdomen before surgery is my way of paying homage to an organ that was failing from the time it awoke and letting it fade away.

I'll be making more videos in the future as I work on things as a way to document my process and brush up on my videography skills.

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