Pathology reframes my personal medical archives in a lumen printing process to relate the unpredictable medium with the dynamic nature of chronic illness. The indistinct objects and images in the prints are representative of the lack of clarity testing often gives medical professionals and patients when they are seeking pathological origins of symptoms. By displaying own records that are protected by privacy laws in the systems in which they are generated, I am both performing and rejecting the evidence often required of chronically ill and disabled individuals to justify their conditions and access accommodations.

Besides taking on questions about privacy and chronic illness, these images aim to address “invisible” disability by going inside the body itself. The lumens that are a part of this on-going project are made from MRI images, medications, pathology reports, bodily fluids, and other medical ephemera that have collected in my life because of multiple chronic illnesses and my attempts to manage them. They address the complexity of navigating the healthcare system in America, from seeking financial assistance, to changing treatment plans, to managing multiple doctors