A Family of Complicated Bodies is an ongoing project that began in 2016 as I started documenting my immediate family’s shared experience of chronic health issues. Over the course of its existence the project has become an examination of interdependence and what it means to function as a family unit where each person has separate health needs.

By documenting the home landscape, family relationships, and moments where illness makes itself visually apparent, I invite the viewer into an intimate look at the effect of chronic illness on a family unit. The images challenge perceptions around what it looks like to live with largely invisible diseases and allows a more complex understanding about the day to day physical and mental impact of symptoms such as chronic pain and chronic fatigue. Within this project I also share the financial impact of requiring regular medical care and the stress that accompanies that burden.

My work with this project continues through the present and is shaped by the collaboration of my family who see an importance in sharing their lived experience of chronic illness as to inspire more discussion about health and accommodation, and what it is like to live together as a family with complicated bodies.